Know What You Need Before You Select an ERP Product

As a provider and consultants for Microsoft’s top middle-market Dynamics ERP and accounting software products, we have seen a trend toward more online research. People are thoroughly researching their accounting software and ERP decisions before ever engaging a partner to help them.

This is good for consumers. Potential buyers can get more information and have the ability to make better decisions. What can improve more is businesses and nonprofits diving deeper into their own requirements.

Potential clients often come to us without understanding what the whole organization needs. Sometimes it’s the I.T. group leading the charge. Other times accounting has taken the lead on the project or, depending on the need, the manufacturing or supply teams might be doing the research.

While there’s nothing wrong with having one group take the initiative on the project, it is imperative that the person or team designated to choose a new software platform speak with others outside their own department. This thinking, documenting and interviewing fellow staff is the harder work and sometimes gets missed.

Think of it this way: I would never attempt to buy a new home without input from my wife. Even before looking, I need to know what she requires.

Think of it this way: I would never attempt to buy a new home without input from my wife throughout the entire process. What I want in a house and what she desires is likely very different. Even before looking, I need to know what she requires. Otherwise, I may be dazzled by an open house only to discover what I thought was a terrific home does not meet her needs.

This is why it’s important to understand your requirements even before you see software demonstrations. Boyer & Associates offers requirements gathering documents to help you determine quickly what is important to you and your group before you are exposed to “the sizzle” of a shiny demonstration.

You want to cover each department’s “critical few” before you are exposed to the “trivial many” some vendors will try to show you to get you more emotionally involved in their presentation.

Once you’ve got a full list of your entire company’s ERP software requirements, then you are ready to talk to a potential ERP partner. We are happy to help via phone, web demo, etc. if you have a defined project and timeline. Contact Carol Simonson at or 763-412-4315.