Boyer & Associates + Dymanics GP = The perfect combination for American Baptist Homes of the Midwest.

American Baptist Homes of the Midwest (ABHM) offers independent care, assisted living services and full-time nursing care at seven major living communities, and residential services to people with disabilities in six counties throughout the Midwest.  After 85 years in operation, the faith-based nonprofit organization has an excellent reputation for providing top-notch care for older adults, families and people with disabilities.

Behind the scenes of that excellent care is an administrative team working hard to manage the logistics of each location. ABHM uses Microsoft’s Dynamics GP software to manage its financial operations.


Dynamics GP was a great fit for ABHM, but something was still amiss. According to Controller Melissa Zygarlicke, the accounting software wasn’t the problem. A lack of support was. The staff was simply not getting the support they needed from their ERP reseller.

“We weren’t having major issues with our software. We had more issues with the support we were getting from our previous partner,” Zygarlicke said. That lack of support prompted them to start looking for a new partner that could better meet the organization’s needs.


Choosing Boyer & Associates as their new partner was an easy decision for American Baptist Homes. They’d done the research and determined that Boyer’s positive reviews and reputation made it the best choice.

“After reviewing other GP partners online, Boyer had good reviews and was the highest level partner we could get,” Zygarlicke said. “And after talking with them about the transition, they were very knowledgeable and supportive with what we needed.”

Early in the process, Boyer discovered that ABHM had purchased modules for Dynamics GP that they weren’t even using. After further consulting with Boyer and reviewing their contract with Microsoft, ABHM realized that they could save money in the long run if they completely repurchased the Dynamics GP software — this time with only the modules they needed.


According to Zygarlicke, it was the Boyer team who realized that repurchasing the software would be a money-saving option.

“They brought to our attention that we were paying for GP packages that we weren’t using. We are now only paying for what we need, and it will help us save money in the long run,” she said.

Zygarlicke said Boyer met all expectations for the timetable and cost involved in repurchasing Dynamics GP. She’s pleased with how much money the organization is saving both with their annual renewal fee as well as with their new support contract. Unlike their previous partner, Boyer charges by the hour rather than a set annual support fee. Not only is the support cheaper, but it’s also better, said Zygarlicke. “When we have contacted them with an issue they are able to help right away and get our issue resolved quickly,” she said. Overall, Zygarlicke is pleased with the level of service her team has received from its new partner.

“Boyer is more personable and knowledgeable than our previous partner”


She also likes the fact that the Plymouth-based ERP reseller is close to ABHM’s Eden Prairie headquarters. It gives the organization a chance to take advantage of the training opportunities Boyer offers its clients.