Lutheran Social Service is a well-known name in Minnesota. The large nonprofit organization has helped make life better for residents throughout the state for more than 150 years through its disability services, services for youth and families and older adult services. LSS is an esteemed partner for communities looking to improve the quality of life for their residents.

LSS employs 2,300 people, and the technological support required to sustain the operation of its multiple services across the state rivals that of many large for-profit businesses. Much of the work of LSS is done behind the scenes on computers and sophisticated software that enables the organization to streamline its many services and work with multiple partners.

Of course, no organization can continue to thrive for so long without making a few changes along the way. Lutheran Social Services is constantly growing and changing in response to the needs of the communities it serves. Naturally, its technological needs have grown and changed as well.


When it became evident that the organization had outgrown its existing ERP software infrastructure, LSS turned to Boyer & Associates for help. LSS was looking for a partner who could provide expert support in a timely manner and give the organization’s Microsoft infrastructure a badly needed update without replacing its existing Dynamics GP system. LSS already had more than 60 programs based in Dynamics GP, but it was evident that the system needed an overhaul if it was going to meet the growing needs of the organization. In addition, many of the organization’s nonprofit partners had no way to support some of its essential programs such as:

  • Revenue
  • Expense Deferrals
  • Multi-Entity Management
  • Interfund
  • Control Accounts


Rather than suggesting a completely new system or attempting to sell additional expensive software, Boyer & Associates took the existing infrastructure and made it work for the evolving needs of LSS. In addition, Boyer equipped the staff at LSS with the knowledge and tools necessary to revamp their processes so that the system would work better for their current needs.

“Boyer has taken great care of us and helped us to become self-sufficient, so much so that we even did our own upgrade with only limited support from Boyer,” said LSS controller Kyle Larsen.

Boyer’s ability to use the existing system and make it work in new ways exemplified the company’s depth of understanding with the various Microsoft solutions used. Boyer also introduced LSS to new independent software vendors that work well with Dynamics GP and help the nonprofit better manage its numerous entities.

Boyer first started implementing some of these updates for LSS in 2005, and Larsen said the nonprofit continues to use the services of Boyer & Associates to help update and implement new Microsoft solutions as needed.


The tools available in Multi-Entity Management have been particularly useful to the large nonprofit, which gains three or four new organizations each year. Those partners then need to be brought on to the LSS system so they can communicate with the rest of the organization’s entities. This is no small task, but with the help of Boyer, LSS has been able to maintain its system with little overhead costs and continue to provide essential services to Minnesota communities.

Larsen added that the staff at Boyer has made a point of attending various fundraising events for Lutheran Social Services and staying tuned into the organization’s mission in order to better serve its technological needs. This extra attention to minute details makes a big difference in the nonprofit’s ability to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate needed changes.

“We also love the fact that if we outgrow Dynamics GP, Boyer has other Microsoft Dynamics offerings that continue to grow with us. That gives us comfort that we have the right long-term partner as well,” Larsen said.

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