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Boyer & Associates is an award-winning Microsoft solution provider, helping small and mid-size businesses throughout the Midwest implement and support cost-effective ERP financial management solutions

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Boyer & Associates is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner with 20 years of experience implementing and supporting Microsoft’s leading line of ERP Dynamics products. Our staff is highly trained with certifications in Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL and NAV.


Frustrated with a problem you just can’t solve? Don’t spend hours on the phone waiting for help. With a little heads up, our competent staff is ready and willing to offer you live online support for Microsoft Dynamics. We can help fix the problem quickly so you can get back to work.

Making Businesses Better

Boyer & Associates is an award-winning Microsoft solution provider, helping small and mid-size businesses throughout the Midwest implement and support cost-effective ERP financial management solutions


Microsoft Dynamics GP

The top choice for companies in the U.S., Microsoft Dynamics GP has 47,000 customers and is known as a comprehensive ERP software solution for mid-sized companies. GP is easy to implement, easy to use and works the way you do.


Microsoft Dynamics SL

When it comes to project-driven accounting, Microsoft Dynamics SL features the best out-of-the-box functions. SL also offers a strong multi-company capability that requires little tailoring.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With more than 110,000 customers worldwide, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the most popular Dynamics product in the world. NAV is a cost-effective ERP software solution that can grow with your business.


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s newest ERP product and its first Software as a Service offering. Its flexible payment structure and adaptable apps are already causing quite the buzz.



Get the most out of your accounting software by attending one of our many educational events, ranging from 1 day events to 2 days events. It’s just one way that Boyer & Associates is working to help make your business better. Register today for one of our upcoming events.

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With more than 350 clients, Boyer & Associates has experience customizing Microsoft Dynamics solutions to a company’s unique needs. See why many businesses and nonprofit organizations choose us to implement and support their accounting software.

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Boyer & Associates is an award-winning Microsoft solution provider and a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. Our proven strategies have helped businesses and nonprofit  organizations successfully implement ERP software since 1994.

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I was pleasantly surprised to find our GP VAR hosting business development training so decided to attend with another leader from my company. The subject matter was perfectly aligned with what has been going on within our organization recently. Once both of us returned to the office, we were excited to implement some of the topics discussed. The speaker was awesome and engaged the audience. Hearing some of the challenges and questions from others in attendance helped validate some of the same issues we were facing as well. The opportunity to network was an added bonus. I highly recommend attending these and look forward to the next session.
Curt B
Boyer & Associates really helped our company focus on what system would work best with our proprietary project management system. Our team had really battled with finding one system that would fit all our needs. Boyer showed us how an integration with Dynamics SL could give us the best of both worlds. We were able to keep our proprietary system that was built to manage our project based business and Dynamics SL provides us a robust financial system that gives us all the data and reporting we need to run the business. Also, their experience as accountants in past lives, really helped them relate to what we were trying to accomplish with our migration to Dynamics SL. A side benefit to working with Boyer & Associates is the fact that they are proficient at what they do and will work with you as little or as much as you require. This is an attribute of a great business partner and we look forward to working with them in the future.
Kevin Riley, Inside Edge Commercial Interior Services
They respond quickly to our requests. They are also very resourceful in finding custom solutions to our every changing business. Boyer & Associates has been our partner for over 16 years. They are very knowledgeable and very responsive to all our requests.
LeAnn Frette, AccraCare
Boyer & Associates offers everything we need to confidently utilize Dynamics SL. In the years we have worked with Boyer, I have come to look upon them as a mission-critical business partner. Enrolled in their helpline service offering, their customer support team has come to our rescue very quickly with the know-how we needed to fix the problem and move on. We have contracted with Boyer & Associates for custom report-writing services many times, and always been very pleased with the timing and quality of the reporting. With these reports, we have been able to gather information residing in the data base, invaluable in assessing the profitability of our project-based business. We use Boyer staff to manage our upgrades, small and large. We involve Boyer staff in our budgeting process, helping us to plan and time both system and reporting enhancements. I appreciate Boyer’s many service offerings and the capable team that provides them. I also really appreciate Boyer & Associates’s occasional local presentation concerning what’s new with SL and their annual presentation reminding us of the special year-end closing routines. Boyer is present not just to sell SL, but to help us get the most out of it.
Karen Caughey, Magid Associates
I consider Boyer & Associates a strategic partner for our organization. As we prepare for growth, new business ventures, or work on continuous improvements/efficiencies, Boyer & Associates is our partner to help us with solutions, ideas and most of all support every step of the way. Specifically, there has been times that we have had a vision of what we would like our automated solutions to do for us. After inviting Boyer & Associates to our discussion, we typically realized the vision we had and through collaboration many times found/implemented better solutions.As mentioned above, we value Boyer & Associates as a strategic partner, one we can rely on. We have always been committed to reviewing each project we have worked on and transferring feedback from those project to our partners. Boyer & Associates has always been open to any feedback and has welcomed these types of healthy conversations. It only makes our partnership stronger.
Laura Purfeest, Lifeworks
Since we moved to Boyer, I have been so impressed with the level of service we have received.  You have been a big part of that!
Janette Boik, Goodwill