Microsoft Dynamics 365: Expand, Develop & Evolve Your Business

Is your company outgrowing QuickBooks or in need of an alternative to Intacct or NetSuite? Are you looking to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in the next two years?

Microsoft has a new product on the market that just might be right for you.

Are you ready to move your business onto the next generation of intelligent business applications? See if Dynamics 365 is the right fit for your company.

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Microsoft is smart. They want to deliver a new product that works with version 1.0 so Dynamics 365 — the version we’re seeing right now — is lacking in some features. It’s a stripped-down product, and I think that’s on purpose. They’re starting small and then slowly adding to it. Even in the next few months I expect to see a much more robust product.
Jack Boyer, President, Boyer & Associates