Software company named to Bob Scott’s ‘Insights’ list of top ERP resellers for 2016

For the seventh year in a row, Boyer & Associates has earned a coveted spot in Bob Scott’s Insights Top 100 VARs.

The winners of this award are chosen among companies who sell and implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) accounting software. Selection for the Top 100 list is based on annual revenue generated by each reseller. Boyer & Associates has made the nationwide list seven times now.

“Bob Scott’s thoughts and ‘Insights’ really are insightful. Bob writes as he speaks — very directly, which I believe most people who have little time to stay current with industry news crave. We very much appreciate being recognized by this important industry staple each of the last seven years,” said President Jack Boyer.

Not just ERP software sales

Founded in 1994, Boyer & Associates sells ERP accounting software from Microsoft. Marketing to small and mid-sized companies, Boyer offers Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL and NAV. The company’s focus on one line of products allows its consultants to become extremely familiar with the intricacies of Microsoft’s ERP software. The company can help steer clients toward the right product because they can do all three product implementations extremely well, according to Boyer.

“We focus on leading clients away from customizations that can be expensive and hard to maintain as we know it is better for them to keep things simple and work the way the software is designed — most of the time,” Boyer said.

Rather than selling a product simply because the customer expresses interest in it, the consultants at Boyer & Associates evaluate the client’s needs and help determine which product will meet those challenges best with minimal customizations.

This attitude toward picking the right product for each client has helped the company maintain an excellent track record with its clients. Of more than 325 active clients, 97 percent renew their maintenance contract with Boyer & Associates each year.

In addition to matching clients with the right product, the company’s consultants are so highly skilled in the software that they are able to implement customizations as needed to help the software work better for each client.

“On all three Microsoft Dynamics platforms we offer significant software development to clients that need this while doing what we can to convince clients to change their processes to work the way the software works,” said Boyer. The company has already successfully used Microsoft’s new Service Based Architecture for Dynamics GP in two large projects.

About Bob Scott

“We want to congratulate this year’s class of Bob Scott’s Top 100 VARs,” said Bob Scott, executive editor of Bob Scott’s Insights. “This selection represents recognition of leaders in this important field.”

Scott has been informing the mid-market financial software community since 1991, first as technology editor of Accounting Today and then as the Editor of Accounting Technology. He is currently executive editor of the Progressive Accountant.

A complete report of the Top 100 VARS, with the names of the organizations ranked by revenue, is downloadable at