The new functionality delivered with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 to email documents to your customers and vendors has been very popular. The System Users Guide and several blog sites have done a good job of outlining the steps necessary to setup this functionality. However, I have run into a bug in at least one version of GP 2010 R2 (11.00.1914) that does not allow for emailing of documents.

Despite following all the proper steps, you will get this error: “You must assign the selected message to the appropriate document type or to All as the series”.

Dynamics GP Emailing Documents Error Message

We have confirmed this bug with Microsoft (quality issue – PS 63319).

In our client’s case, the Doc Type of Sales Invoice got saved incorrectly in the SY04901 table. The client was trying to email a Sales Invoice with a Message ID of ‘Invoice’. We queried the SY04901, SY04902, SY04903, and SY04905 and found that the Email Document ID was set to a 3 in all of the tables with that column except for the SY04901. Our workaround was to execute the follow script:

update SY04901 set EmailDocumentID = 3 where EmailMessageID = ‘INVOICE’

Once updated, they no longer saw the error.

Even though this is limited to GP 2010 and fixed in later versions, I wanted to let GP 2010 users know because I could not find any documentation of this bug.

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