Dynamics SL 2015 boosts multi-company features

If your business operates more than one company in Microsoft Dynamics SL, an upgrade to 2015 is a must. As of 2017, tax updates will no longer be available for SL 2011. However, the 2015 version has some added features that will make it worth the effort of upgrading.

SL 2015 allows the user to run processes for multiple companies with one login. No longer do you have to log out and change companies every time you want to do a new process or report.

Along with this increased freedom comes the potential for security risks, but Microsoft has addressed those as well. Multi-company security measures restrict a user’s ability to view certain companies. If a user is not granted access to a particular company, he or she will not be able to see project information related to that company.

A business that operates using multiple currencies will also benefit from an upgrade to SL 2015. The newest version of SL allows a user to track both the company base currency and the project currency for any project transaction. Storing both currency options allows the user to choose which currency he or she wants to view in any given report.

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