Our favorite features of Dynamics GP 18.3

It’s here! Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.3 officially released this month. As anticipated, the latest update has some very nice enhancements that will make working within the system that much easier and faster. In this latest update, the bulk of the enhancements fall under the Financials and System areas. Here are a few of our favorite highlights:

Copy/Paste Purchasing Transactions

The copy/paste feature in the General Ledger was such a big hit that they’re now introducing the same functionality for Purchasing transactions. You can now define purchase transactions and import them into the Payables transaction window with this feature. You can also choose whether or not to include distributions.

For the copy/paste feature to work properly, the columns must be arranged in the order you see in the screenshot below, and you must import the data only (not the header fields).

Fix to Word Template Issue

In case you weren’t aware, the September 2020 Microsoft Word update created an issue for users trying to print reports using a Microsoft Word template. The 18.3 version of Dynamics GP has a full fix. If you are unable to update at this time, a workaround suggested in this community blog Sept. 22 is your best bet.

Top Feature Requests

Every release of Dynamics GP typically includes enhancements that have been requested by multiple users. This year’s release is no different. Two of the top feature requests include:

  • Maximum print output to screen — Maximizing reports on “Print to Screen” means you no longer have to resize the window yourself.
  • Matching Excel copy and paste decimal places to Currency Setup

Financial Enhancements

There’s several great Financial enhancements in the latest version of Dynamics GP. Here’s the short list of the functionality that has been added:

  • Additional user-defined fields in GL transaction entries and Payables transactions
  • Import credit card transactions
  • Automate a full GL Reconcile
  • Add “Doing Business As” name field for Vendors
  • Copy/paste Purchasing transactions from Excel (as mentioned above)
  • Remove fully applied Multicurrency documents from PM HATB

System Enhancements

Several broad system enhancements are being introduced in GP 18.3 as well. Here are some key features:

  • Support for multi-factor authentication
  • Schedule check links
  • TLS 1.2
  • Save per-user column layouts on your home page
  • Disable print dialog when printing to Microsoft Word
  • Enable a self-service user type to access your User Preferences
  • Bulk-edit SmartList columns

Other Enhancements

There’s at least one noteworthy enhancement that will please your Human Resources department: You can now mask social security numbers on your reports.

In Distribution, you can now import/export stock counts to Excel, print all Sales Documents and disable the system print dialog box when printing a Word template.

Important Info on Year-End Update

The 18.3 update does include miscellaneous changes related to 1099 and NEC, but a year-end-specific update for Payroll changes is still expected in November. If you opted for the earlier release of this year’s GP update (referred to simply as GP 18.2), then the year-end changes can simply be added as a patch or service pack.

Please note that there is no year-end update for GP 2018 R2. The best way to get the necessary Payroll-related changes is to update to the latest version. This is in keeping with the new Modern Lifecycle Policy that Microsoft introduced for the product earlier this year.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the latest upgrade, contact Boyer & Associates today to talk to a GP expert. We can help you determine if an upgrade is a good fit for your organization at this time.