Each year we hold a client event for both our Dynamics GP  and Dynamics SL clients and event the attendance continues to grow This year the events are being held on May 15 (Dynamics SL) and May 22 (Dynamics GP) at the Microsoft Technology Center in Edina, MN.

Now our Dynamics GP consultants  may rightfully be able to claim a good part of the success on the Dynamics GP side, but both sessions (GP and SL) equally draw great interest from attendees.  So why do they keep coming back for more? Here are   my five top answers to why more and more people attend these Microsoft Dynamics ERP events each year.

1. 50 Tips in 60 minutes

Most users like to learn better ways to do their work. There are always new features and functions of the products and we love sharing our best tips to help our clients be more productive and successful with the products.  

2. Sharing Best Practices with Other Dynamics Users

Like everything in life including software, nothing is perfect.  Attendees love having the opportunity to mingle with other firms within their industry or a related industry that have similar challenges.  Nothing is better than hearing how someone overcame a problem and how the software worked for them. Some clients ask for a customization, some build a small screen with only a few fields that does the job better thenimport that data, some create a process that minimizes the software’s shortcomings. In addition, the Boyer staff knows what is coming in the next versions as well to help minimize potential customizations that will either not be needed at all in the future or minimize the need for one.

3. Free Lunch, Free Consulting

“If it’s free it’s for me!” is the motto of many accountant-type people.  Knowing this and to some extent being this, we’ve made the event free for Dynamics SL and Dynamics GP users.  We know it helps increase the attendance and make people feel better about paying for their maintenance plans each year.  Many clients consistently attend this Spring event and our year-end closing events in December.  Please make this part of our annual routine to attend both.  There is no fee for either.

4. 3 Slides in 3 Minutes from Best Dynamics Independent Software Vendors

The Dynamics products have tremendous platforms and the Microsoft brand.  This is why so many independent software vendors have written products to integrate with them and extend the value of the products. For example, The Requisitions module in Dynamics GP is good, but if you want to see something that is great -come and see some excellant add-on tools.

5. Visit with Boyer Team and Get Questions Answered

Nothing is better than meeting face-to-face. And, for those of you on the Dynamics SL side especially, perhaps you’ve never met the person you rely on for support consistently.  Now’s the time-Carpe Diem.  Both Boyer Dynamics SL and GP teams will attend these events and would love to see you make it.

What are you waiting for? Join us on May 15 and May 22 for Boyer’s Annual Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL User Group events.

Click here for more details and to register.