There are so many ways to define “expert.”  There is of course “how people perceive you” as in your reputation, but there is also “how expert are you?”  You may not have a blog or lots of Dynamics SL cronies to solicit opinions from and yet have 12 years of daily development work you’ve done in the Dynamics SL toolset.

The goal of this blog is more to entertain than to educate, but we do take the “expert” thing seriously when it comes to Dynamics SL. What people think is not always what is real.

1. You describe limited choices at home with your spouse or children as PV’s (as in the possible values that the F3 key produces in Dynamics SL).

2. You respond in endless detail, the pros and cons of creating a new report in Crystal Reports or SQL Reporting Services when asked which approach makes more sense.

3. You develop entirely new screens such as calendars and Gantt charts for your hobbies when a simple Outlook calendar or MS Project project would suffice.

4. You are so excited about the ability to create your own web services in Dynamics SL 2010 that you have been telling strangers at Minnesota Twins games when the score gets out of reach and we are not winning.

5. You are extremely proud (and a little relieved) to show the Dynamics SL Quick Query function to all of your fellow Dynamics GP employees that have been telling you about Smartlists and Smartlist Builder over the past 10 years.