Dynamics SL is known for its Multi-Company and Project Accounting capabilities.  Dynamics GP is known for its strong financial modules and integration tools.

Still the fact is that many of our clients on both sides simply buy and use
General Ledger, FRx or Management Reporter for Financial Statement creation, and
then Accounts Payable.  Many add Accounts Payable EFT to get out of the writing
checks tedium, but still…more than half of our clients on both sides are using
these Microsoft products for their financial capabilities,  not their distribution
or project capabilities.

Which begs the question…”What about AP Automation?”  Isn’t there more we can
do to eliminate the effort involved in having someone key in invoices for us to
pay when someone at the vendor’s office already keyed this data?

Boyer & Associates has a local partner here in Minneapolis that has done a tremendous job for
two large and local clients.  Both Dynamics clients shopped quite a bit for the right partner and
were happy with the services and end solution that Ryan Tansom from Imaging Path was able to deliver with his team.

We also have another non-local partner that has implemented this type of
solution from California.  This product is called Image Link.  Both are very
good.  If you are fine with someone familiar with both Dynamics GP and Dynamics
SL doing this work from out-of-town then ImageLink is 6 for 6 with our clients.

If you prefer a group that can meet with you in person and understand your
workflow beyond AP-then Imaging Path may be a better solution.

Both products’ solutions can now go beyond the electronic filing cabinet to
provide a fully integrated Paperless ERP solution for Microsoft Dynamics.  Both
groups not only eliminate paper documents, but also eliminate data entry.

With either option you can automate the AP process for your self and bring
order to the growing chaos by using a highly efficient and fully visible process
to manage the capture, workflow and storage of your documents.  Both solutions

  • Fully integrated OCR (Optical Character Recognition)  This is the part that
    takes away your needing to key in the invoice.
  • Retrieve documents while in Dynamics with one click
  • Gain visibility and control into AP, AR and HR processes with real-time
    analytics and full reporting
  • Electronically capture and distribute documents produced by Dynamics
  • Eliminate rekeying of paper-based data
  • Automate your workflow

Who needs AP Automation?

The easy answer is organizations that process 500 or more
vendor invoices per month.


Both solutions integrate seamlessly with Microsoft  Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL.

To view additional information or request a demonstration of the ImageLink product
with Dynamics SL, please click on this imaging with SL link

To view additional information or request a demonstration of the ImageLink product with Dynamics GP,
please click on this imaging with GP link

ImageLink has a Super Search capability that has been very handy to 3 of the
6 clients that bought this additional capability.  Here is what Super Search can
do for you within ImageLink:

Super Search provides rapid document search and retrieval outside of the
accounting system. This module allows easy access to documents for users with
assigned security access (including sales people) that do not know how to
navigate within the accounting software system . Accounting systems users may
find these search capabilities an efficient search alternative to drill-down
inquiry functions within the accounting system.

All documents linked from within the accounting system appear in the Super
Search application. Documents can be added directly into Super Search, if the
Application Wizard is implemented.

I hope these thoughts and links are useful to you in your research.  There
are other options as well but not others that we have experience with.

You can request a trial also with ImageLink.  If you are based here in
Minnesota you can request a local visit from  Ryan Tansom (rtansom@imagingpath.com)  at ImagePath as well.