microselBoyer & Associates is pleased to announce the completion of an ERP financial management project for Microsel, a system manufacturer and wholesale computer distribution company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minn.

To update the company’s outdated financial management system and improve order fulfillment processes, Boyer & Associates implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP , an industry leading financial accounting/ERP solution. “With our previous accounting system, we struggled with too many manual processes, poor reporting, and inefficient sales ordering processing due to lack of integration. We chose Microsoft Dynamics GP because of its compatibility with other applications, ease of reporting and third-party plug-in integration.  Having an industry leading solution from Microsoft coupled with Boyer’s expertise in ERP, gave us the peace of mind we needed,” said Chris Schmidt, CEO of Microsel, Inc.

The new solution implemented by Boyer offers real-time access to accurate financial information, greater operational efficiencies, and deeper insight into the organization’s financial reporting. In addition to implementing the Microsoft Dynamics GP, Boyer also developed an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) communication solution to help improve sales order processing and fulfillment. Unlike the old system, the organization can now handle thousands of sales transactions in seconds.

“Before, we were getting more orders than we could process in a day which was impacting our bottom-line. Now we can process as many as 20,000 orders in one day quickly and accurately allowing us to take on much larger customers. We are well on our way to tripling our sales volume this year without having to add more sales order processing staff,” Schmidt said.

The company has also improved their financial reporting and access to customer and sales data. “Our accounting is much more accurate now and having the ability to pull reports and access customer and sales information in real-time, has allowed us to improve our overall customer service levels,” he added.

Overall, with Boyer’s expertise, the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP has been a win-win solution for Microsel. By moving to the new system, Schmidt and his team are very pleased. “Thanks to Boyer & Associates, the implementation of Dynamics GP went very smoothly. Boyer’s knowledge and ability to implement the solution as well as develop the customizations we needed has already made a huge impact on our business. With their help, we have reduced inefficiencies and now are very well positioned with an infrastructure in place that will support us now and into the future.”

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