Boyer hires new project manager

Join us in welcoming Christine Burbach

Boyer & Associates is pleased to announce Christine Burbach as the company’s new Project Manager. She replaces Beth Steinkopf, who is leaving to spend more time with her family.

Burbach has 12 years of consulting experience with Dynamics GP and NAV and is looking forward to a new challenge with full-time project management.

“That is a job I’ve been wanting for a long time,” Burbach said. “I’ve been on the other side doing the consulting and while I enjoy that, I was kind of looking for more of a challenge. I was getting a little burnt out.”

Burbach got her first bachelor’s degree in animal science, but after a few years of cleaning animal cages for little money as a vet nurse, she decided it was time for a career change. Aptitude tests suggested accounting so she signed up for a class at Metropolitan State University. Sure enough, accounting was the perfect fit.

After getting her bachelor’s degree in accounting, she spent seven years working as an accountant until her employer, Wisconsin-based Polaris, moved operations to Mexico. Burbach switched gears again, transitioning from an accountant using Dynamics GP to becoming a consultant for other GP users first through OTT in Minneapolis and then at RSM.

Most of her 12 years as a consultant centered around GP in both technical and functional roles, but she’s also dabbled in Dynamics NAV and has managed several of her own projects.

“I really enjoy the client contact. That’s probably my favorite part of consulting is talking to them and helping them,” she said. “That’s where I thrive.”

Her career took another twist when Hurricane Harvey slammed Texas, where her employer at the time, Rand Group, was based. Burbach had been working remotely from Minneapolis for four years, but changes at the Texas-based ERP reseller left her working the help desk — not her ideal job.

That’s why she jumped at the chance to work in a project manager position with a team-centered company and face-to-face interaction with clients.

“Making the client happy is the number one priority so that is my first and foremost goal. With these projects, I want to come in on time and under budget.” — Christine Burbach, new project manager for Boyer & Associates

“I get to work on the software, I get to work with my teammates and I get to work on the project. … It fits my personality,” she said, adding that she had missed the personal contact working remotely.

Burbach credits her boss at her first consulting job with teaching her two key things that have stuck with her at every job and will carry over to her new position at Boyer & Associates. He taught her to make client satisfaction number one and to always be selling.

“Making the client happy is the number one priority so that is my first and foremost goal. With these projects, I want to come in on time and under budget,” she said.

She also believes that there’s always room for improvement, helping clients make the most of their software with add-ons or other suggestions to improve efficiency.

When the day is done, Burbach is most satisfied when she’s able to help a client achieve their goals. She recalls one time working with the staff at Bloomington-based Leann Chin. After a month of hard work, she helped them reduce their workload by a full week.

“At the end of the day they were so happy they hugged me when I left,” she said.

When she’s not working, Burbach stays plenty busy at home wrangling her twin 3-year-olds. Landon and Eva will turn 4 in January.

“Our family life is work and then crazed 4-year-olds. It’s pretty hectic,” she said.

Burbach and her husband of six years, Jon, recently moved from Minneapolis to Richmond, Wis. to be closer to Burbach’s mother, Patti and stepdad, Bob. Burbach said it’s important to her that her children have a close relationship with their grandmother.

As for hobbies, Burbach gave up coaching gymnastics when the twins were born and now enjoys spending time at the family’s cabin in Moose Lake riding four-wheelers. The family also has a lab/pointer dog named Lexi, who treats the twins as her own pups.

Want to introduce yourself to Burbach? Call 763-412-4335 or email