From the day you purchase your Dynamics ERP to every year that your annual renewal comes due, there are many benefits to staying current with your Business Ready Service Plan. Here are some of the great benefits you receive:

  • You will have the ability to take advantage of new version upgrades.  Staying on the most current version will give you access to new features and capabilities of your software.
  • Along with the upgrades, you will receive critical updates and a 10-year support lifecycle.  Updates include tax and regulatory releases, latest system updates to keep your solution performing at its best.
  • Access to certification information
  • Access to managed newsgroups
  • TechNet Plus Direct subscription
  • CustomerSource – gives you access to Knowledge Base, unlimited access to online training, product downloads, etc.
  • Ability to Purchase additional Modules, Licenses, Systems, and Transition Investment Credit
  • Take advantage of the Protected List Price

Be sure to check out where you can access your enhancement plan benefits.  There are self-support tools and online training courses that are available.  Also, there is a Microsoft Dynamics community site with mutual learning.  Anyone in your company can have access to CustomerSource.

Your maintenance contract is renewed annually.  If your plan expires, you will not have access to CustomerSource, product updates and upgrades for your purchased product.

So staying current on your software definitely has its benefits! For more details or answers to your questions, feel free to contact us at Boyer & Associates for help.