Today someone emailed me an excellent article on Cloud Computing for Project Managers.  The article was in a very project-centric magazine promoted by the Project Management Institute.

One practical point made in the article is that “instead of installing, upgrading and maintaining multiple licenses for a particular piece of software, or upgrading hardware, IT project team members will have time to make sure their colleagues understand the software, to implement best practices, to deal with security and train.  This will free up their schedules to lend their expertise to projects, presentations, and client issues.”

Additional time managing projects and training people on new software is always welcome to just about any software implementation project.

We are eager to see Dynamics SL moved to the Microsoft Azure platform in its next release after Dynamics SL 2011.  While this could be argued as more virtualization than cloud computing, many of the benefits the cloud promises will come with this change.

Apparently 75% of global CIO’s and top IT managers currently use enterprise-grade cloud solutions or plan to do so over the next five years.

The author points out that cloud computing is more secure than most internal data centers because cloud providers invest much more in security.

The link to the full article is below: