We are on our way to Microsoft’s Convergence 2011 in Atlanta now.  It’s an exciting time for Dynamics SL partners.  We have not seen a significant feature upgrade to Dynamics SL for at least a few years.  This version seems to be adding a lot of needed functionality.

Dynamics GP has a wonderful capability called “Smartlists.”  The tool is baked into the system manager and allows for easy fetching of data-without having to know table and field names within the database.  The Dynamics SL version of “Smartlists” will be called “Quick Query”.  It will be nice to see this.

Many of our larger clients attend Convergence and so it is always pleasant to be able to say “thanks” to the organizations that we work so closely with.

Another feature set that I am eager to see in Dynamics SL is the multi-company improvements.  People will enjoy being able to be logged into many organizations at once and I am eager to see how this is accomplished.

Our Dynamics SL Practice Manager, Jon Augdahl, is going with me.  We are already having fun and have a lot to look forward to this week.