Are you ready for some big talk?  It’s one thing to talk about a software product’s features before you’ve seen them; it’s another to discuss software you’ve actually seen.

When Carol Simonson, our Office Manager, first came to Boyer 9 years ago, she and I had a miscommunication.  I wanted something about Biz Talk in a proposal.  Having just come from the insurance industry and knowing nothing about technology she “translated” this to “Big Talk” for me.  Fortunately I caught it and she is wonderfully fun to tease…so here comes some Big Talk on SL 2011.

Quick Query is very cool.  I’ve spoken to a number of clients that have at some point in their career used both Dynamics SL and Dynamics GP.  I always like them to tell me what they like about each product.  Invariably the GP people mention that they love or miss “Smartlists,” an easy way to export data without having to know the database schema.

Quick Query is Smartlists on the Dynamics SL side.  Now on the SL side you can both live large and talk big while getting your data out without IT’s help.

The functionality that was added to make the project series and distribution series work better together was very nice.  For example, Microsoft showed the ability to create a project and related tasks from a template as you enter a new sales order.  They also showed that you can have project inventory to help you keep your costs from hitting the balance sheet until you are ready to invoice.

Perhaps the nicest improvement (and there are many) was the ability to have 3-4 Dynamics SL screens open when you realize that you need some data from another company.  This newest version does not require that you close out of each screen to get into the other company’s data.  You just open up the other company.

Almost all of our larger Dynamics SL clients run multiple companies out of one database.  This will be something they love and talk big about…Carol Simonson.