When I discuss making some customizations to a client’s Microsoft Dynamics SL system, the usual response is “we don’t want to customize the system too much.”  Often, there is the misconception that any customization means developing new code outside of Microsoft Dynamics.  While some business needs will require custom code to be written, using the Dynamics SL Customization Manager actually leverages the system and is fully supported by Microsoft.

The Customization Manager allows users to modify standard Microsoft Dynamics SL screens quickly and easily. Modification capabilities range from simple changes that the system administrator or user can make to complex customizations that are best performed by a programmer or consultant with experience in Visual Basic® programming and SQL syntax.

The best part is that the customizations made with this module are saved within the Dynamics SL database!  Also, customizations can be made at a single user level, for all users, or for groups of users, allowing for easier management.

Some of the more common things we see with this module include:

  • Hiding, moving or modifying fields
  • Making fields required that are not normally required
  • Allowing a user to see a field, but make no changes to it
  • Setting or changing default values of fields
  • Adding new data fields to the screen – keep in mind that most data tables in SL have 8 or more user definable fields, waiting for just such a use
  • Arranging data entry screens to resemble source document formats

Most of the examples above are easy to implement and can be done in a matter of minutes.  Below is a link from the Microsoft Dynamics Community to an easy-to-follow demonstration of how to hide a field on a screen.


Sometimes the customization requires adding additional processes, tables, or logic to an existing screen.  Often, this will involve writing additional code, but keep in mind, even these customizations use the tool set of Dynamics SL and are stored within the DB.  So you don’t need to worry about future support for the new functionality!

Please contact Boyer & Associates if you would like more information on this great feature of Dynamics SL, or if you would like assistance in implementing your own customizations.

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