Customers with more than one company like the ability to create color schemes for each of their companies.   With color schemes, they are able to tell with just a glance, which company they are logged into.  This can help avoid keying the data into the wrong company.  No development work is required. You can see the options and their impact below.


For more and better information about this Debugging Tool, please take a look at this additional blog topic for more and better details.  The author of this post we are linking to even has knowledge of GPA-the DOS version of Dynamics GP from 20+ years ago.  The linked to post has an even more detailed link for those of you that love getting into supporting your GP sites either as a consultant or directly from within a firm as your GP administrator.

Other nice capabilities of the Debugging Tool, is its ability to capture screen shots that display a user’s question or error while sharing the dynamics.set file and dex.ini file.