Software publishers at times are interested in “Win Wires”. They would like to know who they beat and why. While this is important for obvious reasons, what is more important to the client and to the consultant long term is whether or not the clients we did win also won. That is to say that the client cannot tell whether or not they “won” until the engagement has ended.

Sajan, Inc. a dynamic and fast growing language translation firm with offices around the world selected Dynamics GP for its multi-currency capabilities and financial reporting capabilities. They also wanted a product with a strong community such as Dynamics GP that has thousands of users right here in the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Their staff has already participated heavily in our semi-annual user group meetings where we focus on year end activities and then on general improvements and “what’s new” in the Spring.

It helps to have capable clients in your success stories-people that not only can do the client side of the work but somehow make time to do it well. In the end clients such as Lori Bechtel at Sajan become quite self-sufficient and only rely on their support resources at Boyer & Associates for more difficult projects.

Please read Sajan’s Dynamics GP press release when you can. This firm had to move from the light reporting requirements of a privately held firm to those stringent requirements of a publicly traded firm. Learn more about Sajan at

In the press release you will see how much time each week Sajan is managing to save by eliminating duplicate manual data entry. The integration tools of Dynamics GP have saved them a lot of time and have helped Sajan to continue growing without the need to add more accountants. When you start being able to avoid adding to your payroll while you grow-you are adding very directly to the bottom line. Sajan’s accounting staff has done this mainly thought taking advantage of the GP integration tools and financial reporting tools.

Please read the full press release if you get time and are interested in how Dynamics GP clients use the software to improve their businesses.