How many times in a year do you have interest in a product that could solve problems but you don’t know if it’s worth the hassle of speaking to a salesperson?  For me, I would say this happens often.  For instanace, I read this unbelievable book called “Traction” and I tried unsuccessfully to self-implement the concepts that it presented.  The book had great points and I was frustrated-but certainly not willing to quit.  I had to sit through a 90 minute presentation in order to learn that the consultant charged $3,000 per day to help implement the process.

What if I could learn this online without having to sit through a 90 minute pitch?  Would I be interested?  You bet.

That’s when I realized how valuable this Quick Quote Tool is that we offer on our website.  As accountants, we naturally shy away from things that are expensive unless they last a long time and require little maintenance.  When I tested this tool myself, it occurred to me how valuable this would be to anyone searching for a well known brand such as Microsoft Dynamics for ERP software.

If you would like a link to a quote of Dynamics GP-click here on Quick Quote.


By just answering a few questions, you get a ballpark number in less than 5 minutes without speaking to a salesperson?  Yes!

You can see below how easy the questions are to answer and how worthwhile this tool can be.  Even if you are not where we are here in Minneapolis, MN or the Twin Cities area of Minnesota-this tool can give you valuable insight into what you might spend as well as what types of thoughts you need to consider about how you might want software implemented at your firm.  I would argue that if you are a project-based firm and looking for something more like Dynamics SL, an international distributor needing to review Dynamics NAV, or a large global firm needing Dynamics AX, a quick quote can help you get your “ballpark” number.

It is difficult to implement a Dynamics ERP solution for less than $20,000 even with very few users.  Wouldn’t you like to know that right away rather than sit through the 90 minute pitch that I experienced?  Yes, you can learn a lot during the pitch-but sometimes you just need to know the basics before you start.

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