We work with a group in Ohio that does our Dynamics SL telephone support when things get too busy for our team. This only happens a few times a year but they are very good as many of the support people came from Solomon Software years ago.

Their recent newsletter discusses some of the improvements to Dynamics SL that we believe will be extremely useful to our 120 active Dynamics SL clients in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area.

Here are some of the Dynamics SL 2011 enhancements:

· Graphical alerts are displayed when your attention is needed on an item – such as approving a timecard or an account has become overdue. Links to the item needing action is provided.

· Print Screen and Excel Export options are now available more widely throughout the product, making it easier to share screen shots and do additional analysis with your SL data.

· Working in multiple company databases has been streamlined – you can select from color-coded drop down database names, and have screens open in multiple company databases without logging in and out each time you change companies.

· Similar to your Internet browser, you can now set up favorites and see recent search history within SL, making it faster and easier to navigate to frequently used sites, programs and tools.

· Tighter integration with SharePoint Server 2010 provides the ability to create SharePoint sites while within SL.  A link to the site is then created and displayed in SL.  This allows users to quickly store documents for others to see, and even set this as the default location when running reports – in your choice of either Word or Excel format.

For more information on Dynamics SL improvements, please visit http://www.plumblinesolutions.com/.

This newest version of Dynamics SL will be available to our Minnesota and Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois clients in the 2nd calendar quarter of 2011.