Top Highlights – Dynamics SL Feature Pack 1

The Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 FP1 feature set centers on continued Project enhancements, Time & Expense Web Services, and the inclusion of Business Analyzer for Dynamics SL 2011. Here are some of our favorite highlights from this release:

1. Hard Close by Module


The ability to post to closed fiscal periods can now be controlled at the module level. A new Posting Options tab is added to the GL Setup screen.


2. Batch Control report by Module


Printing of batch control reports can now be controlled at the module level. The option Automatic Batch Reports is changed to Automatic Batch Reports for all Modules. This prints all batch reports for all modules as before.

3. Flexible Billings Fiscal Period Filter for Automatic Invoice Creation


You can now filter items that you select for invoice creation in Automatic Invoice Creation (BI.AIC.00) by fiscal period. The Start Fiscal Period box and End Fiscal Period box are added and you can specify starting and ending dates or starting and ending fiscal periods, or both.

4. Timecard Correction by Line Item

The ability to correct timecards by line item is now available. You can change lines, delete lines, and add lines for existing timecards as you did in earlier versions.

5. Business Analyzer

Business Analyzer provides a client dashboard into SQL Server Report Services (SSRS) reports and does not require Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 FP1 to be installed locally. This feature provides business decision makers with a desktop dashboard that they can use to gain contextual business intelligence by viewing up-to-date reports pulled from Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Below is a picture of Microsoft’s Windows 8/Surface view of Dynamics SL’s Business Analyzer.


6. User Roles

User roles are introduced with Business Analyzer. This is implemented in User Maintenance (95.260.00) and either a group or a user can be a Role.

7. Quick Query

The ability to create SQL Server Report Services (SSRS) reports from the Quick Query menu is now available and can help you in building SSRS reports that contain the same or similar data as you have in your queries.


To learn more about all of these great new features, click here or watch an on-demand webinar here. You can access the new release today via CustomerSource or contact us for help.