User suggestions enhance SL 2015 Financials

Microsoft is proud of the fact that it accepts user suggestions on improving products, and rightly so. This willingness to accept constructive criticism means a better overall product that gives consumers what they want and need.

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 is no different. The enhancements on the Financial module came directly from user suggestions. Here are just a few of the enhancements that were designed to make the software more user-friendly than previous versions:

In Accounts Payable, creating Vendor backup withholdings can be done automatically. Vendors that are not 1099-compliant are flagged, and a Payables batch can automatically create a withholding. Users can also create multiple prepayments against a single voucher. Accounts Receivable has an Invoice Preview button that allows the user to review an invoice before printing it.

Several enhancements were made to the Payroll module to eliminate unnecessary steps in previous versions of SL. For example:

  • When changing a deduction amount, recalculating the YTD earnings is automated.
  • Reissuing a voided check no longer requires the user to run the Pay Labor Interface again. Simply check the box.
  • Gross up checks are supported with automatic calculation of deductions based on tax tables.
  • An enhanced audit trail tracks changes made to Deductions, Tax Tables, Employee Deductions and Employee Pay information.

If you have not already upgraded to SL 2015, consider doing so now. This year marks a crossover point for the product because as of 2017 there will no longer be any tax updates issued for Dynamics SL 2011. To learn more or schedule an upgrade, contact Carol Simonson at 763-412-4315 or