Jeff Suwyn wrote a nice article on the community site with regard to using Dynamics SL 2011 in order to publish reports to a Sharepoint site rather than printing the same reports over and over again.

As many of you know, the Period Sensitive Aging reports in Dynamics SL allow you to print aging reports “as of” March 31st or September 30th but most Dynamics SL reports do not have this capability.

With the newest version of Dynamics SL, you can now publish or “print” your standard and customized reports that use the ROI screen (the screen you see before you print a report that allows you to sort/select or load a template).  This means you can use this function to print any report that changes where you might want to file “what was the inventory valuation, for example, at the end of June?”
Below is the rest of Jeff’s nice article complete with screenshots.

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 Feature of the Week – Upload reports to SharePoint sites
Why this feature is cool!

Microsoft Dynamics SL reports provide one way to find and share information with others in a company.

Do you want to stop printing the same report over and over?

Now you can upload any repot (that is called from the standard Microsoft Dynamics SL ROI screen) directly to a Microsoft SharePoint site!

Just like choosing a specific printer, the new Upload to SharePoint feature generates and posts report to the SharePoint site you select in the format you select.

This feature is available in the Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 rich client as well as the web based Business Portal user!

What does it look like?

New printer option, Upload to SharePoint

Choose the format of the file being uploaded and enter or look up exisitng libraries to upload ducuments.

Reports can also be uploaded directly to a SharePoint site from the Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011.