If you’ve seen another Dynamics SL user take a shortcut entering data that you did know, you might want to file this post.  This post shows what all the function keys in Dynamics SL can do for you.

F1 – Brings up the help screen for the screen you are working in. This example show me working in the Dynamics SL Voucher Maintenance screen.


F2 – Moves you into a field in the grid to allow you to edit that value. Normally, when you traverse a grid, you are not truly in the fields that you move over. Changes made will be put into the field, overriding the existing value, but you can’t edit the existing value. This function puts you into the field, allowing you to act on the contents of the cell.

F3 – Brings up the possible values list for the field (if one exists). This will only work on string fields and dates. Number fields are not affected by this function. You can also double right click your mouse, rather than press F3, to retrieve the PV (possible values) from this field. Below you see that F3 has been pressed in the vendor field to bring up those potential choices.


F4 – Allows the user to change the screen between Form and Grid view for the active grid level.

Journal Transaction screen in grid view sometimes forces you to scroll back and forth to see the values on one record as seen below-you can’t quite read the value in the credit column without scrolling.


The form view below (F4) allows you to see all the fields for that one record and shows you only one record at a time.


F5 – Clears the value in the active field. If the field is required, this function will generate an error message and not work, but for any other field it will allow you to clear the existing value.

F6 – No functionality

F7 – Sets the active date field to the current business date.

F8 – No functionality

F9 – Brings up the notes screen for the active level (if there is a note for that level).

F10 – Brings focus to the SL menu screen.

I hope these tips are useful to you in your everyday use of Dynamics SL or “Solomon” if you are on an older version.