Each year we hold both a Dynamics SL and Dynamics GP client event, for free, at Microsoft’s offices.  Our offices are not large enough to accommodate 60 or so people per session for these events.  Clients thoroughly enjoy these sessions as it is a chance for them to discuss configuration options with the many Boyer & Associates Dynamics SL experts.

It is also a chance for them to visit with other clients of ours that have better or different experience they can learn from.  The event is slightly less than a day, there is no airfare or hotel for most, and the ideas they leave with typically give them a sense that we are truly grateful for their business all year.

What is unique about this year’s event?

1.)   This year we have invited PowerObjects, our Dynamics CRM partner to participate.  PowerObjects is buying lunch for everyone and will be presenting how Dynamics SL and Dynamics CRM can work seamlessly together while providing good examples of clients where these have been done in unison.   PowerObjects grew by 100% last year due to the demand for Dynamics CRM and due to their excellence in this area; which has created their CRM dominance in the Minneapolis market.

2.)  While last year we focused mainly on time sensitive issues and reconciling to the general ledger. This year we will focus more broadly on topics that users find more “sexy”-if accounting software and sexy can even be used in the same sentence that is. The topics this year include the Top 10 Tips with Dynamics SL, how to best create pivot tables and excel refreshable reports against the live Dynamics SL database.

3.) The Dynamics SL event with have more and different presenters this year.   Last year Bud Brenneman did most of the presenting and people enjoyed it because never before did we focus so heavily on the accounting aspects of the practical and necessary parts of ensuring your financial reports are accurate and that your sub-modules tie out the general ledger.  This year Colleen McCoshen, Dynamics SL Support Manager, will speak, as will Timothy Jones, Technical Services Director, Paul James, new Dynamics SL/ERP consultant, and Jon Augdahl, of course, Dynamics SL Practice Manager.

4.) With even more and better people at Boyer, our Dynamics SL practice has grown this past year.  We added an additional consultant, Paul James and we are thrilled to have Paul.  Paul has an accounting degree, military experience, and a long history of working with clients that have used both Dynamics SL and Dynamics GP.  Paul came to us as an expert in financial modules, financial reporting, and the transaction import module.

5.) Another staff member that we added this year for environments is Marc Klingerman.  Marc will also be attending the events and has strong experience with Windows Server, SQL Server and Sharepoint Services.  Marc loves to help clients and we are confident will contribute to our clients’ Dynamics ERP (Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL) success in the very near future.

Microsoft has always been very supportive of our events.  The fact that this year will again be at the still very new and impressive Microsoft Technology Center in Edina, MN always helps to increase attendance.  We have been blessed in the past with Microsoft Executives-Jim Westerman, Rita Strauss and David O’Bryan-speaking at events to our clients and this year we are sure to have one of those three individuals speaking to our clients as well.


One of the topics we will discuss is how to increase performance of Quick Queries by use of paging and limiting records fetched in a query.  Please note circled row count limitation at the bottom of this screen capture.

The official agenda for the Dynamics SL Client Event on June 12th from 8:30 a.m.-2:00pm:


· SL 2011 FP1 and Discuss the SL Product Roadmap

· Making the Switch from FRx

· What’s New in Management Reporter 2012

· Self-Support Options

· Top 10 Tips

Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics CRM


· How and when to use Quick Query

· Using Excel as an Analytical Tool

· Excel as a Data Import Tool



So if you are a Dynamics SL user in the Upper Midwest and have interest in a free educational event, please attend.  We would love to have you and we promise to teach you a lot of useful Dynamics SL tips. You can register at this link for our June 12th Dynamics SL client event :  http://bit.ly/KAPbiz