Extended Support Gone for Dynamics SL 7

What version of Microsoft Dynamics SL is your company currently using? If you’re still operating on Dynamics SL 7.0, you should know that you are about to lose what little remaining Microsoft support you have for the product.

Microsoft’s Extended Support for Dynamics SL version 7.0 is scheduled to end today — Oct. 10, 2017. What exactly does that mean? While your computer won’t suddenly beep and then go catatonic or burst into flames — after all, this isn’t a Hollywood movie — you are officially on your own if any issues do arise with the software.

No Extended Support means no paid support available at all. In other words, you can no longer call up Microsoft and request help with a specific issue or pay for hourly support to work through a glitch.

The drop of support is in line with Microsoft’s Lifecycle Policy, which aims to give users “consistent and predictable guidelines for the availability of support throughout the life of a product.”

SL 7.0 users have been running on Extended Support since the fall of 2012, when Mainstream Support ended. Mainstream Support offers design changes, feature requests and year-end tax updates, all which users of version 7.0 have been without for the past five years.

Not all hope is lost, however. An upgrade to SL 2011 will bring your system back into Extended Support mode. Even better, an upgrade to SL 2015 will give you access to Mainstream Support again and all the latest features Dynamics SL can offer.

If you’d like more information on upgrading to a newer version of Microsoft Dynamics SL, contact Boyer & Associates at 763-412-4315 to discuss the upgrade process. To learn more about the features available in Dynamics SL 2015, check out our blog on Top Features We Love About Dynamics SL 2015.