One of the many features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the ability to filter the vast detailed data NAV records. To make the filtering easier, NAV has a sophisticated filtering system that allows you to filter on a single field or a combination of fields to isolate the data required. Many users never become accomplished with this great tool because they don’t understand the options for filtering data within NAV.

My favorite NAV help screen addresses this issues. From NAV help, if you search for Entering Criteria in Filters (NAV 2015), a concise screen of filter options and examples is displayed. This help screen is beneficial enough that I have suggested to many of my clients that they print it out, laminate it, and distribute it to their critical users. By following the examples given on this page, the user can learn how to drill down to the specific data of interest to them.

To download a pdf copy of the filter examples, click here.

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