Getting to know your Dynamics GP support specialist

Got a problem with your Dynamics GP software? Rest assured that when you call Boyer & Associates, you will get excellent support from a fun, friendly face. Dan Moore has served as the company’s Dynamics GP support technician for the last five years and he loves his job.

“It’s just something new every day. It seems like no matter how long I’ve been working on this (GP) program, there’s something every day that makes me completely confused, that I haven’t seen before,” Moore said.

For Dynamics GP support, November and December are the busiest months, Moore said, with the second half of the year overall being busier than the first half. On the morning of this December interview, Moore had already handled 14 incoming cases by 11 a.m.

Perhaps the most common issue he sees is stuck batches, an easy fix for the GP support veteran.

“The really complicated ones aren’t very common,” he said. Many times, he can troubleshoot an issue in minutes, though occasionally the problem takes a couple of days and additional resources from Microsoft to fully fix.

Moore grew up in Great Falls, Mont. Right after high school, he worked as a pin setter mechanic for a local bowling alley before deciding to attend college with a friend at Concordia University in Moorhead, Minn. Moore took a wide range of classes including vocal performance, business management and philosophy.

Moore landed his first technology job through a temp agency, working on Microsoft’s Dynamics GP licensing support team and then GP software support. He spent about five years at Microsoft before hearing about the job at Boyer & Associates.

“I like it. I can’t complain because I work from home,” Moore said. He lives in West Fargo, N.D., with his wife, Vanessa and their four cats: Zander, Squall, Casper and Luna.

Asked about his hobbies, Moore said, “I’m a simple man, aka boring. I like to just relax.” He occasionally builds computers for friends who want a custom build, but otherwise spends much of his time relaxing with Vanessa and their feline friends.

Need help troubleshooting your Dynamics GP software?  Call 763-412-4326 or email to talk to our fun, friendly GP support technician.

Moore’s favorite pastime is watching TV, whether he’s Netflix binging or settling down to his favorite TV show, “House.”

He was once asked in a job interview what his favorite movie was, a difficult question to answer since he prefers an eclectic assortment of movies. Thinking fast, he decided to go with a unique answer.

“I decided I’m just going to say something funny and act serious,” he said. With a straight face, he told the duo interviewing him that his favorite movie was “Maid in Manhattan.” The woman stared at him as if trying to decide what to think and the man hid his face, trying to stifle his laughter.

“It was hilarious!” Moore said.

In the end, he’s glad he ended up on the Boyer & Associates team.

“I’ve been so used to jobs where you’re just expected to do a perfect job and it’s not really celebrated when you do a good job. They (at Boyer) do a good job of letting you know that you’re appreciated or important when you do a good job,” Moore said.

He described his fellow staff as both professional and friendly and said he appreciates the more relaxed atmosphere of a smaller company that focuses on its people just as much as results.

“I like the people that I work with and for. Even more so than money to me that’s probably the most important aspect of a job,” Moore said. “If Boyer never goes out of business I might just retire from here.”