Which data typically gets re-keyed from CRM to ERP and vice-versa?

For most organizations it is adding a new customer or vendor as well as changing an address for a customer or vendor.  Most people would like this integration to work both ways regardless of where the new customer or change in address occurs.  Most organizations want only a few people to be able to add vendors.

New projects to bill time against and sales orders are not far behind in demand from users of both a CRM and an ERP product.

We have worked on large and small ERP/CRM integration projects with a capable CRM Consulting firm with a local office here in Minneapolis.  Their name is PowerObjects.  They wanted to see project actuals, project budgets, and estimated to complete amounts from CRM, but not with duplicate data; rather they wanted to view the accounting data with the tool that they are more familiar and comfortable with-Microsoft CRM.

Boyer & Associates helped them achieve this link using their own CRM developers-sharing with them which Dynamics SL tables to fetch the data from.  It works well for them in part due to CRM’s accessibility as a cloud product.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM have out of the box integrations written and available for no charge.

If you are near Minneapolis on April 21st, you are welcome to see a free educational event at the Microsoft office here in the Twin Cities.  We will be discussing what can be done with the existing link that Microsoft provides between Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM as well as what can be done using web services and a number of other nice tools.