Each week, I will be sharing a Management Reporter tip for Microsoft Dynamics ERP. If you are not familiar with Management Reporter, it is a real-time financial reporting application designed to empower information workers to quickly and easily create, generate, secure, and publish financial statements, such as Profit and Loss (P&L) statements, balance sheets, and cash flow reports. This first post is a calculations tip on Change Base Row.

Change Base Row in Management Reporter

Change Base Row (CBR) is a format code found in the row definition that allows the report to calculate a percentage of net sales or another row. Seeing a percentage of sales can be valuable if you want to compare your financials to another company or division to see how well you are doing, regardless of the revenue amounts.

Row Definitions: Format Code CBR

MR Change Base Row Definitions

Multiple CBR Calculations:

MR Change Base Row Multiple Calculations

Column Definition:

MR Change Base Row Column Definition


MR Change Base Row Result

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This post was updated July 2020.