Most employees in organizations cannot access critical business data they need within business management solutions.

The Microsoft Dynamics Light User is a partial access license for users without full-client access to Dynamics GP, and Dynamics SL.  At $195, it’s a cost effective way to give your employees the financial, human resources, and operational information they need with software they already use – Excel, Outlook, and Word.

Dynamics GP 2010 and Dynamics SL 2011 include Dynamics Light Users in both the Business Essentials and Advanced Management editions.  Dynamics Light Users contain a great deal of functionality at a low cost, including business portal solutions, reporting, and database accessibility.

Capabilities of Named Dynamics Light Users
  • Management Reporter Viewer (FRx Replacement)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation (formerly Windows SharePoint Services)
    • Workflows – 10
    • Web services – 350+ (GP, SL has fewer but allows you to create your own)
    • eConnect Procedures – 300+ (GP)
    • Search
    • External Lists – 17
  • Business Intelligence
    • Executive centers & dashboards – 15
    • Excel reports – 200+
    • SRS reports – 90+
    • SRS Report Models
    • New charts and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – 119 (GP)
    • Analysis cubes – 6 (GP)
    • Analysis cubes library
  • Business Portal
    • Order management
    • Requisition management
    • Time & Attendance
    • Employee Profile
    • Project time and expense
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL system database access rights for users
A Dynamics Light User Is Needed for These Capabilities
  • Business Portal Employee & Customer Users
  • Analysis Cubes and Analysis Cubes Library
  • Workflow
  • Search
  • Management Reporter Viewer (i.e. FRx Viewer)
  • Business Intelligence Components: Executive Centers & Dashboards, Excel Reports, SQL Reporting Services Reports
  • Order Management
  • Requisition Management
  • Project Time and Expense
  • Field Service Suite
  • Human Resources Management Self-Service Suite
  • ISV products that access the Microsoft Dynamics GP database
Fees for Dynamics Light User Licenses

New Customers:  A Microsoft Dynamics Light User license is $195.

Existing BRL Clients:  If you use Business Portal today, you’ll switch to Dynamics Light User when you upgrade to Dynamics GP 2010. You will receive: 1 Light User for each Business Portal User; 1 Light User for each FRx Designer User; and 1 Light User for each FRx Viewer User.

Existing MBL Clients:  There are no Dynamics Light User options for MBL clients, and Business Portal Users are the licensing equivalent of Dynamics Light Users.

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You can extend access to information and help more employees make informed business decisions without the expense of a full user license for Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL.