Microsoft recently announced that Dynamics NAV would be integrated with Office 365, which is a match made in heaven (or at least in the cloud).

Dynamics Office 365

Pairing NAV with Office 365 allows Microsoft to offer its most prolific mid-sized product with the power of tools like Excel and SharePoint. This combined functionality addresses many of the issues mid-sized businesses struggle with, such as remote entry and work flow. By using Excel as an entry point, companies can harness the power of Office 365 and NAV to allow their people to enter orders anywhere in the world through a spreadsheet design they are most likely familiar with using.

Excel Office 365

With Office 365 being in the cloud, there are no performance issues based on a user’s distance from the main office. By utilizing SharePoint in combination with Excel and NAV, companies can create intricate workflows and track transactions throughout the process.

Workflow Office 365

I believe that the cloud is the future for many companies, and with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office 365, even small companies can create global solutions.

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