Prepare your Dynamics ERP environment for a disaster

In the past, protecting your DynamicsEnterprise Resource Planning(ERP) environment with backups was just a precaution. It was done in case there were some sort of physical disaster like a fire, earthquake or power outage that would destroy your systems and leave them unrecoverable.

Today, computer viruses and ransomware are a major concern that can cause you to lose data.

Ransomware infections in the past just targeted a few file types and encrypted those files. Today they are encrypting all files on a system and can leave an entire ERP system unusable.

The perpetrators of these ransomware infections do give you an opportunity to pay their ransom in Bitcoin, usually starting out around $5,000, but there is no guarantee that the files will get decrypted. There have been reports of people paying the ransom and still being stuck with a down system.

To protect your ERP environment from ransomware, first back up your databases and files to either an off-site or cloud backup that cannot be encrypted by these infections. Next, test restoring your data on a regular basis. Backups are worthless if they cannot be restored.

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