It is difficult to find a Project Accounting program more capable than Microsoft Dynamics SL.  This solution for years has lead in its ability to handle flexible project billing formats, create unique billing and allocation transactions based on a variety of other transactions, and allow project timecards/expense reports to be approved by multiple project managers rather than simply the workers’ immediate supervisor (assuming most people work on more than one project and that those projects have different PM’s rather than one’s immediate supervisor).

The software has a nice “project-centricness” to it also in that projects were designed into the software seemingly from the beginning with most reports having a “by project” option or ability to configure. Most financial data entry screens for example journal transactions, voucher entry, and accounts receivable invoicing, even have the “project” and “task” fields prominently displayed in their respective data entry grids.  It is easier to gather all of a project’s costs when the whole project accounting software program makes this easy.

We believe that our Dynamics GP product has limited Project Accounting and Project Scheduling capabilities but that those limitations are nicely fortified with an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) named Tenrox.  Tenrox runs their product as a service (SaaS) and it integrates nicely with the financial modules of GP.

We are very much looking forward to Acumatica’s project modules as they will be web-based, include project scheduling, and do this all in one user-interface without the need to buy an ISV product for the scheduling component.  We are expecting their project accounting functionality in July of this year (2011) and their scheduling functionality by year end.