Tenrox, QuickArrow, SAP’s Business by Design, and even Microsoft Project are all good tools to help you manage your organization’s professional services resources.  We are expecting a good tool like this from Acumatica later this year for optimally scheduling your project resources also.

Randy Mysliviec, a partner of a consulting firm in Cincinnati, provides nice whitepapers and webinars on the topics of resource management, resource forecasting, and project management.  In many of these papers and webinars he makes the point that many of us do our best to manage projects without managing our resources (improving their skills so they can do more) very well.

Some of his math is eye-opening in terms of what a small increase in utilization can do for the bottom line of a Professional Services Organization business.  I would recommend taking a look at some of his ideas, white papers, and potential tools if you are interested in improving your professional services business.  His website is RTMConsulting.