Have you ever found yourself sorting through dozens of spreadsheets to find the right information? Do you have trouble tracking key data because the information is spilled over onto multiple documents?


“How should I track this?” you wonder as you glance at yet another page of statistics. “I guess I’ll just create a new spreadsheet.”


If you feel like your accounting team is drowning in spreadsheets, it’s possible that your company is outgrowing QuickBooks. Here are a few telltale signs that it might be time to upgrade your accounting software:

  • You supplement QuickBooks with other systems/programs to help balance the books.
  • You use multiple spreadsheets to track your company’s finances.
  • Half your time is spent re-entering the information from QuickBooks into another program or spreadsheet.
  • You mainly use QuickBooks for writing checks or for journal entries.

When a company starts using multiple programs to complete one job, it’s often because the original system is no longer up to the task. You should be able to manage all your company’s financials with the same system. If you’re doing more work outside of QuickBooks than in the program, you might need to consider a new accounting software.

With one of Microsoft’s Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, you can keep tabs on all the important aspects of your company’s finances in one spot. Dynamics products come with key out-of-the-box functionality such as stronger financial modules with dimension tracking, job costing, built-in integrations to Excel and Word, more capable integration tools, better reporting modules and much more. Each solution can be tailored to your company’s industry and specific needs.

You don’t have to rely on multiple spreadsheets or systems to keep up with your growing company. Get out from under that pile of spreadsheets and see what it’s like to streamline your financial management processes with Microsoft ERP accounting solutions. Contact Boyer & Associates today to set up a free consultation or to schedule a demo.

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