What are some of the problems we have helped medical products distributors resolve?

Here in Minneapolis, there are many firms that sell medical products as distributors, including several of our clients. The first thing I hear most of these firms mention is that their productivity would soar if they could just enter orders more easily. So what does the sub-list look like for facilitating order entry? This is what I’ve been told by clients:

  1. Make it simple for me to change the ship to via possible values for this customer so I don’t have to key in the entire ship-to address when it’s already in the system.
  2. Make it easy for me to see both what is on hand and what is available.
  3. Let me see the effect of prices I change on the margin of the order both at the order level and at the line level
  4. Allow me to select from a list comments that are typical.
  5. Show me clearly items that will back order so I don’t take orders I can’t ship.
  6. Show me if I can fulfill an order from another warehouse
  7. Allow me to add and remove fields without changing how the screen looks to other users.
  8. Make turning a quote into an order and then into an invoice simple.
  9. Make finding my item easy for each line with ID and description partial look ups.

For a review of a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV solution from SalesPad that does most of these areas mentioned well, please view this video on Simplifying Order Entry. SalesPad has its software running in quite a few Minneapolis area medical product distributors and if you watch this video, you’ll know why.

Jack Boyer, Boyer & Associates, Minneapolis, MN, Dynamics GP, NAV and SL Implementation and Support