Dynamics SL Top Tips 1 & 2: Update Software and Use CustomerSource

Want to speed up your work processes in Dynamics SL? These tips can help you learn the product better and customize where needed so that it works smarter and faster for your specific needs. This week we are sharing the first two in a series of 10 tips to help you improve efficiency in Dynamics SL:

Tip 1: Keep your software in a supported version.

The vast majority of our clients keep their Dynamics products in a version that is supported by Microsoft. Not only does this provide insurance that Microsoft will assist should a technical issue arise in the product, but it also reduces the support time that our staff consumes in assisting with a support issue. Microsoft has invested a lot to continue to make their Dynamics products feature-rich and stable.

Not keeping up on these product releases can be risky for clients. Not keeping the Dynamics SL product current can prevent updating of the underlying server technology (SQL Server and Windows Server). This can cause efficiency problems (poor performance) and security issues as the server-based software becomes out of date.

Tip 2: Use CustomerSource, Microsoft’s portal for their Business Software user community.

Microsoft continues to update and add content to this already feature-rich website for customers who stay current on software maintenance. Besides offering a knowledge base of how-to’s and support information, CustomerSource also offers customers free Dynamics SL online training and access to downloadable training manuals. We frequently use this resource to stay current on product functionality.