ZDNet published an interesting post on a blog that is linked here toward the bottom of this post.

The article is about how some IT Professionals see Microsoft providing them less “love”, that is free services, convenient user interfaces, free software, etc.

As Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL partners and consultants, our MSDN memberships and Gold Status have not changed in ways that favor our developers more than our infrastructure support person for these platforms.  Here in Minneapolis, not much has changed in terms of how Microsoft treats us perhaps in part because we have developers and an IT Professional to support our Dynamics products.

The argument is that Microsoft sees the cloud as a development platform and is beginning to court developers and ignore IT Professionals.

Most of the article is good and the opinions make sense.  The only opinion that I disagree with as do other readers that commented are the thoughts that lead you to believe that IT people will be less loyal to Microsoft because Microsoft changed the game a bit and started paying more attention to developers. 

In my opinion, IT Professionals will continue to do what is best for their organizations regardless of what Microsoft has “done to them” or perhaps not done to them.