Learn how to maximize your company’s social impact at free event Feb. 16

The February session of our Making Businesses Better series will be on Social Impact, featuring special speaker Leah Goldstein Moses of The Improve Group. She will share her expertise on how to better your business through a clear strategy for social impact.

What are your social values? Are you passionate about female rights, participating in the recent Minnesota Women’s March? Does the Black Lives Matter movement ring true to your heart? Are you involved with the local food pantry or your children’s school?

No matter what your social values are, it’s likely that you act on the things that matter most to you. Even if you don’t purposefully get involved in a specific cause, your every-day decisions are likely based on what you do (or don’t) believe.

The same is true of your business. Whether on purpose or unwittingly, your company’s actions and decisions can impact the local community in multiple ways. A company can use its resources — people’s talents, services offered, products sold — to purposefully make a difference in the local community as well as the global marketplace.

For example, a restaurant supports whichever food supplier it uses. Similarly, an office team that frequently brings in catering supports that business and its suppliers. A company whose workers take time out to volunteer at a local social services organization sends a clear message about it values.

Does your company have a clear guideline for what it does or doesn’t support? Nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses alike benefit from having a clear strategy for social impact. The more your company is purposeful about the social values it supports, the more you can make an impact in that area.

At Boyer & Associates, we are committed to Making Businesses Better. It’s our mission and one of our social values. It’s why we offer events specifically intended to help you do business better. We believe strongly that our business succeeds when you succeed.

To that end, we are pleased to announce the next session of our quarterly Making Businesses Better event series. The topic will be — you guessed it — social impact. We are thrilled to have special speaker Leah Goldstein Moses of The Improve Group, who will share with us her expertise on how to better your business through social impact.

For more information on how clear social values can affect your company’s impact in the global marketplace, register now for our Feb. 16 event. Seats are limited so don’t delay!