Earlier this month we held our annual Dynamics GP event for our clients at the new Microsoft Technology Center here in Minneapolis, MN-or Edina, MN to you locals. The event surpassed last year’s attendance by 14 people. Last year we had 37 attend and this year we had 51. I’m especially pleased with the turnout since last year clients were eager to upgrade to Dynamics 2010 being that the software had been out for year. This year there were only a few service packs and a feature pack to discuss as new-yet more people attended. We were able to show some of the web renderings of popular screens such as Accounts Payable Transactions-which should be coming with Dynamics GP 2013.

Debra Edlund-Lopez added some key thoughts that I will blog about next week with regard to Windows 8 as well. Debra has a lot of energy and does a nice job of discussing integration points between Dynamics ERP products and the rest of the Microsoft stack that most of our clients use and love (Sharepoint, Outlook, Exchange, Office).

What else did people love about the event? Looking at the comments, and judging from the 15 minutes of questions that followed after the official “end time,”  I would say that Erik’s Top Ten tips were  very popular and that Ron’s Management Reporter session received  a lot of questions. We added a different section this year on customizing Dynamics GP and that got a lot of positive comments as well. Since many of the tips were new to Dynamics GP2010, and only about 70% of the room had upgraded already, I believe many people committed in their minds to upgrading this year-even those not on payroll that don’t absolutely have to.

I will keep this post short since there is so much to read and learn on the links in the above paragraphs.

Please note that both the links for the annual Dynamics GP event and the Management Reporter session offer downloads of PowerPoint presentations. They are both in the Office 2010 format so you will need to open them on a computer that has a current version of Office installed.